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Big Brother wants to read your email

"Dick Cheney and Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA) have agreed that the government should be able to access Americans' conversations and emails without getting an individualized warrant. But that isn’t all they’re after.

Under the guise of responding to the NSA spying scandal, the Bush administration and its allies in Congress are actually pushing for new ways to invade your privacy, with unprecedented and dangerous spying legislation crafted under Dick Cheney’s supervision.

The bad news is, if these bills pass, our homes, cell phone records and email inboxes will be laid bare to new kinds of government spying that are currently completely illegal. The good news is that we have a chance to stop these bills now, before White House pressure drives them to a speedy vote.

This legislation is being characterized by some as "surveillance we can live with," but the fact is it would vastly expand the government's power to search and spy on Americans without any judicial checks, including reading any email you send if the government does not know where all the recipients are physically located.

This August you can help generate a public outcry that will make Congress think twice before they hand over even more power to the Bush administration. Call your member of Congress today, and get the word out in your local community with a letter to the editor. "

- copied from an ACLU email
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Demand the Truth

x-posted to private journal.

The president refuses to level with America about his warrantless surveillance. And his Attorney General is trying to protect the White House, when his real responsibility is to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The ACLU is challenging this unconstitutional program in our courts, and reaching out to leaders and regular citizens through a campaign of grassroots action and public education. We are joined by lawmakers across the political spectrum and people like you who want the whole truth about out-of-control government spying.

No matter what the president, the Attorney General or their defenders in Congress claim, when Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to spy on Americans, he violated the law, the Constitution and his oath of office. To speak out against this abuse of power,sign the petition today.
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Censure W - x-posted

fight for your freedoms.

Yesterday, Senator Russ Feingold introduced a resolution to censurePresident Bush for breaking the law by illegally wiretapping Americancitizens.

When the president misleads the public and the Congress and willfullyand repeatedly breaks the law, there need to be some consequences--that's how the law works for everybody else.

Censuring the president is a reasonable first step in condemning thepresident's actions. Now it's up to us to show broad public support forSenator Feingold's resolution. Can you sign this petition askingCongress to join the call for censure?
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culture is no veil for murder

for "honor" he murdered his daughters.

From the health centre porch she looks to the North
Where Nicaragua´s enemies hide
Polio crippled and maimed before things were changed
Slowly they´re turning the tide
In the twilight she stands, with a rifle in hand
And memory of what used to be
Now she´s part of the unfinished revolution

Feudal landlords they´ve known seen overthrown
Afghanistan comes into view
Learning to read and to write is part of the fight
But for her it´s something that´s new
Down all the years ashamed of her tears
Imprisoned behind a black veil
Now she´s part of the unfinished revolution

Soldiers kicked down the door, called her a whore
While he lingered in Castlereagh
Internment tore them apart, brought her to the heart
Of resistance in Belfast today
Her struggle is long, it´s hard to be strong
She´s determined deep down inside
To be part of the unfinished revolution
She holds the key to the unfinished revolution
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Patriot Act Vote

How do you feel about the government having easy access to your personal records? Information about the books you buy and borrow. Access to your private medical and tax records. "Sneak and peek" warrants that allow searches without telling you until well after the fact. Are you okay with this?

These are law enforcement powers granted in the flawed provisions of the Patriot Act, and Congress is preparing to vote to extend and broaden these dangerous powers and undermine our Constitution by making them permanent.

If you don't think this is acceptable, join with thousands of others and let Congress know today. Sign the petition.

- text from the email I received from the ACLU about this.
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Act For Change + Working Assets

A wonderful organization. This in particular is about the GOP movement to make PBS more Republican-friendly, so their children can grow up closed-minded bigots as well.

You should somewhere on that page find a link to sign up for e-mail updates - I HIGHLY recommend this. They send very little mail, and it's all notifying you of what is going on that you may not be hearing. They continually start petitions, too, so sign up!!!!